Better buying patterns

Task Force 4 will facilitate learning sessions and disseminate best practices on how to instigate better buying patterns and more responsible sourcing. Using an open-ended process, Task Force 4 will identify incentives that help the Vietnamese apparel and footwear industry manufacture and source more sustainably.

Incentivizing better buying patterns

Currently, short lead times have an impact on the environment as well as working conditions. An order with a very short lead time will heavily stretch a factory’s immediate stockpile. As a consequence, the factory in question may be forced to procure from unsustainable mills to respect its buyer’s deadline. Factory workers might need to work excessive hours to ensure in-time delivery of the order.

The situation described above can be mitigated by incentivizing better buying patterns. Buyers that allow longer lead times and engage in continuous dialogue with their suppliers, prevent that suppliers are forced to procure from non-sustainable sources. By learning about and sharing best practices, Task Force 4 aims to create an upswing for sustainability.