The Productivity and Engagement project for CMT factories and textile mills aims to assessing, identifying, and improving on opportunities for greater productivity and worker satisfaction, that will also result in cost savings.

Lean initiatives put in place the necessary elements to allow an organization to identify and implement improvements on an ongoing basis. An earlier program from IDH in China had an ROI of 1 year.

This project is supported by:

USAID - United States Agency for International Development


The energy efficiency, air emissions and wastewater effluent treatment project for textile mills aims to assessing, identifying, and improving on opportunities related to energy, water, wastewater treatment and chemicals, that will also result in cost savings.

Best environmental practices have been implemented in China successfully with dozens of textile mills by indicating more than 200 improvement projects to save up to 36% of water use, 22% of energy use, 61000 tons of coal and 36 million kWh electricity reduction, as well as millions of dollars.